How to:

To put materials on hold please follow these directions:

Go to the MORE Catalog:

Enter a search term (remember, “movies” and “books” are valid keyword search terms)

Select the “Available Now” filter on the left side to expand it

Select the pickup library

Search results will be limited to titles available and holdable at the pickup library

Tip: to exclude ebooks and audiobooks, open the “Titles I can…” filter and select “Borrow and take home”

Select “Place a Hold” and verify your pickup library

Tip: Turn on “Active Filters” so subsequent searches retain limits

If you aren’t able to put items on hold online, please call the library starting next week (April 27th, after 10 am) at 715-749-3849.  The library staff will take your list, but will not be able to tell you if items are available at that time.

You may also email the library, with your requests.  That does not guarantee that we will have what you want at our library at this time, but we will try to do our best!! 

The library staff will call you when you have items ready for pick up.  If we don’t have any of the items you requested, you will NOT receive a call. We will need to assign pickup times so please try to answer our call.  It will not be an automated call, but one of your friendly library staff.  Staff on the call may not be able to tell you if we have everything you requested.

When you arrive to the library for your scheduled Non-Contact Curbside pickup, please drive up with the passenger side of your vehicle to the community room windows with a large piece of paper listing your name and birthdate.  Stay in your car, staff will bring out the bag of materials to you and put into your empty passenger side window or pop the trunk of your vehicle.

The library dropbox will be open during curbside pickup hours only starting Monday, May 4th.

This is both to prevent the box from overflowing while no one is present at the library and to aid social distancing efforts.

You do not need to have a scheduled curbside pickup to drop off items in our dropbox, however the dropbox will only be when we are in the library.

At the end of each day of curbside pickup, the drop box will be emptied and quarantined for three days.  After the quarantine, we will then check the items in.  That means that those items will still be on your account for the three days (longer including the weekends) before they get checked in.  There will be no fines, the due date for all items has been extended to July 1st.