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MORE System PIN # Tips

 As of October 15, 2019, his field must be present for patrons to access their accounts via the MORE online catalog. A PIN can be set via the online catalog. 


  • A PIN must be a 4-digit number
  • Any number of users can have the same PIN
  • “Trivial” PINs are not allowed, those with:
    • A character that repeats consecutively three or more times (for example, 1111, 0004, 8777)
    • A set of up to four characters that repeats consecutively two or more times (for example, 0101, 8484)

Hazel Mackin Community Library Events

for the week of March 30, 2020

They say it takes a month to form a new habit and we are about half way there in regards to our stay at home lifestyle we are leading. How is everyone doing out there?  My team just met this morning via Zoom meeting and it was wonderful to see their faces.  Sorry you couldn’t all have joined us!  We are working hard at analyzing what virtual service looks like and how we can best accommodate our community during this time of social distancing. 

We will continue to do story times with Brittany and Marilyn.  Please check out our Facebook page and the website for those.  If you were not aware, please be careful in posting your own readings of stories online. The reason we are taking so long is because of copyright issues with authors, illustrators and publishers.  Now one might think, we are in a pandemic so do whatever you want.  Well, we are doing our best to only use books that we have been given permission to share on social media and there will be a limit for how long those videos will be available.  Afterall, we have a great respect for this profession and want to hold true to value them as best as we can. 

I’ve been talking to my staff about staying healthy during this great time of stress and anxiety.  We are all on a big learning curve, whether you are trying to learn new applications for working from home, homeschooling or figuring out new ways to keep employees working, like restaurants.  I’ve attached a link that I found very helpful in regards to what we all may be feeling during this time.  Please take a moment to read it.

Tonight at 6 pm we will try our very first Novel Idea Book Club virtually on Zoom.  We will be discussing the book Becoming American by Callie Trautmiller.  If you wanted to be included in this program and didn’t receive the meeting information, please email me today at


For my puzzle friends-you’ve used all of your puzzles at home and don’t want to keep buying more please check out these great links. I know real puzzles are much better, but if you are desperate, try this for now!

I know most of you that have kids a home are still needing to be reading so we have extended our Read-a-Thon fundraiser through April for now.  If you hadn’t heard about it please check it out


If you need some ideas for art, yoga, zoo experiences please check out this link.

I’m going to be leaving some of these other links on here just so they are easy for you to find and use.  In a couple of weeks I’ll take these off and replace with new ones.

Another awesome link is listed below.  Please check out the great stories they have and they have graphic novels too

You can login at:
Username: hazel
Password: trial

Another great resources is  I know homeschooling is a choice and one that many of you did not choose, but you find yourself in the middle of it now.  This link has some great activities listed to help you in this endeavor. Please also remember we have the Read-a-Thon fundraiser still happening.  I know your students are having to read for school so this might be something fun for added incentive.  All of the documents are on our website on the home page under activities.

If you are working from home or need better Wi-Fi for your students’ assignments, remember that the library has that and you can use it from the parking lot or Warren Street.  My son had to go to the library parking lot because we have sad internet at home with two people working from home and a college student taking classes online now.  His download went so much better. 

Remember we have e-books available to download from the Libby app which is the new app for the previous Overdrive.  If you have problems with doing online content please email me and tell me what you are struggling with, give me your phone number and I will try to assist you!

Just a reminder that you won’t get any fines during this time for materials you have at home.  Due dates are going to be extended through the end of the month for now.  That date will change if we receive different information from the governor’s office.  Thank you for keeping your items at home. We are not able to unload the drop box during this time of library closure. 

Keep checking our Facebook page and website for continued updates.  I know this time of social distancing is more difficult for some, but it is critical in reducing the curve to keep our healthcare systems at levels that they can handle.  Here is the link for continued up to date information regarding


Stay well, stay home and keep washing those hands

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