News from the Library Director


MORE System PIN # Tips

 As of October 15, 2019, his field must be present for patrons to access their accounts via the MORE online catalog. A PIN can be set via the online catalog. 


  • A PIN must be a 4-digit number
  • Any number of users can have the same PIN
  • “Trivial” PINs are not allowed, those with:
    • A character that repeats consecutively three or more times (for example, 1111, 0004, 8777)
    • A set of up to four characters that repeats consecutively two or more times (for example, 0101, 8484)

Hazel Mackin Community Library Events

for the week of May 18th, 2020

I am excited to announce the results of our first ever Read-a-Thon.  We had over 6,000 minutes read and over $300 raised for the library.  Congrats to Paisley B with the most minutes read at 1,748 minutes and Brayten L for having the most donations raised at $144.45.  Prizes will be mailed out to them as well as to the other participants.

It seems like everyday things are changing and we are trying to adapt as quickly as possible.  I know the Supreme court ruling that overturned the safer at home order opened up many places in our state.  However, many businesses are waiting to open until they have safer options for people. 

Libraries are waiting to hear more from the DPI for guidelines beyond general ones for businesses and to hear from our local county officials.  We don’t have a date set to open at this time.  We are in the process of planning and figuring out safety for our staff and patrons, sanitizing as well as the number of people we can have in the building at a time.  What we know right now is that things will look very different when we do open.  There will be no toys, games, puzzles or activities that people are used to having in our building.  There will be less computers available and less seating because of the social distancing aspect. 

Until some of the things in question are answered, we do encourage you to take advantage of the noncontact curbside pickup.  We are looking at continuing to offer this option through the summer.  Please go to our website for instructions and a video to watch for how to put local items on hold.  Courier still isn’t running and we don’t have a date yet as to when it will start up again.

Our drop box is open during curbside pickup times.  When you schedule your curbside pickup time, you can bring your materials to drop in the box.  We are not allowed by the Governor to take your materials in person. At the end of each day of curbside pickup, the drop box will be emptied and quarantined for three days.  After the quarantine, we will then check the items in.  That means that those items will still be on your account for the three days (longer including the weekends) before they get checked in.  There will be no fines, due dates for all items have been extended to July 1st.

Coffee Chats will be on Friday, May 22nd, 10 am. Via Zoom.  Fill up your own mug and join us for social hour.  Our group met every Friday at the library and played games and caught up about life while enjoying coffee and cookies.  Life definitely looks different now, but if you would like to join us, please email me so I can pass along the zoom info. 

Summer Reading will be online this year. The State is paying for the platform for all libraries that were interested in it to be able to have access.  With it, comes another learning curve Brittany is working diligently to get everything ready for a June 15th start date which is the earliest libraries could go live on this platform. She is taking a break from virtual storytimes to get things prepared for this summer. 

We are also trying to move as many programs as we are able to virtual programs.  We understand that people love coming to our programs, but with the number of people we can have in the building at a time and the social distancing protocol, we need to be virtual as much as possible.  Trust me, it makes the staff just as sad as you are when you read this.  It is hard, but we will do our best that we can to support you with all of these changes.

If you have an idea or something that you think we can provide you at this time, please call the library or email me at

My best to everyone-you are missed and we look forward to seeing you again!